Bubba Watson Yells "Ow, It Bit Me" Before Hitting Out of an Ant Hill at the PGA Championship


Bubba Watson had a ball land in an ant bed during his final round at the PGA Championship. After calling over a rules official to clarify whether or not he could get relief from the ant hill, which would be deemed a dangerous situation for a golfer because of allergies and stuff, Bubba proceeded to argue the difference between ants, burrowing animals, and tunneling animals with the official.

Bubba was not given relief as the rules official told him the ant hill is classified as a “loose impediment.”

Just watch and learn as professor Bubba Watson teaches everyone about animals.

On the par-4 sixth hole, Bubba asked his caddy Ted Scott whether he should go low or high and then drove the green and made his putt for eagle. He’s currently three-under.