Bryson DeChambeau's Use of a Compass is Under Investigation by PGA Tour


Bryson DeChambeau is a quirky guy. He is currently the only player on the PGA Tour to use single length irons as well as the only one, that I know of, who has modeled his swing after the book “The Golfing Machine.”

Impressively, it’s worked out quite well for the 24-year-old who has already claimed two PGA Tour wins since turning pro in 2016.

On Saturday, during the third round of the Travelers Championship, Bryson took his analysis of the game just a little too far and caught the eye of the PGA Tour when he was caught by cameras using a compass to, in his own words, “figure out true pin locations.”

"“The pin locations are just a little bit off every once in a while, and so I’m making sure they’re in the exact right spot. And that’s it.”"

Ok, guy.

This isn’t DeChambeau’s first run-in with the PGA Tour in his short career as he was also investigated while using a side-saddle putting technique.

After his round, DeChambeau spoke with the media and said that the PGA Tour informed him that they are investigating his use of the device.

"“They said, ‘Hey, we just want to let you know that we’re investigating the device and seeing if it’s allowable,'” DeChambeau said. “I understand. It wouldn’t be the first time this has happened.” “It’s a compass. It’s been used for a long, long time. Sailors use it,” DeChambeau said. “It’s just funny that people take notice when I start putting and playing well.”"

People don’t notice because you’re playing well, Bryson, they notice because you make such a big effort to be the quirky, over-the-top gadget guy who likes to be thought of as some sort of golf genius when really, we’re all just rolling our eyes.

I, for one, would like to see the use of any course aides, including green books, removed from the sport. I would rather watch golfers pace off their distances from the fairways and actually read the greens and not their books.

Go ahead and ban the use of a compass as well.

[Quotes via Golf Channel]