Bryson DeChambeau's New Putting Stroke is Very Different


Bryson DeChambeau is a very smart, very talented, and very unique golfer. He is the only player on Tour to play a single length set of clubs, meaning his 7-iron is the same length as his 3-iron making it possible for him to use the exact same swing for every club. He floats his golf balls in Epsom salt to find the perfect ones before he will use them. He uses physics and a bunch of math that is out of my league while reading greens, and most of that makes him very different from the rest of the field.

On Tuesday though, the PGA Tour posted a video of DeChambeau’s new putting stance, which Geoff Schackelford labeled as a “side-side-saddle-meets-Kuchar” stroke. DeChambeau is planning on using in the Franklin Templeton Shootout that begins tomorrow.

Looks like someone is taking a little different approach to his putting ? — PGA TOUR (@PGATOUR) December 6, 2016


DeChambeau, who earned his PGA Tour card with a win at the DAP Championship in the first event of the finals. He is paired with another Puma sponsored golfer, Lexi Thompson, for the event. Thompson is only the second woman play in the PGA Tour-sanctioned tournament.

And in case you were wondering, DeChambeau is able to replicate his swing left-handed almost as smoothly as his natural right-handed swing.

Something you may not know about @b_dechambeau is that his left-handed swing may be as good as that from his right. Have fun @FTShootout — Curt Coulter (@OakmontHooks) December 7, 2016