Bryson DeChambeau is Drinking At Least Six Shakes Per Day in Addition to Feasting Like Babe Ruth

Elsa/Getty Images

Bryson DeChambeau has been, on aggregate, the best player on the PGA Tour since it returned from a prolonged COVID absence. He's currently riding a streak of six straight Top-10 finishes dating back to mid-February. Much has been made of his remarkable physical transformation and it feels a bit superficial to keep focusing on it. Though, if it's helped his game this much, it feels like a victimless indulgence. Also, how in the world is a person supposed to simply breeze by a vivid description of his Babe Ruthian diet without commenting?

That's six to seven shakes per day! Long gone are the shake for breakfast, lunch, and a sensible dinner era. No, that was for weight loss. Bryson's is a mass-building endeavor the type only Mac from Always Sunny can truly appreciate.

Now, jokes aside, some of this hits a little close to home. I've been known to enjoy some cookies "here and there" and can turn "snacking" into a six-hour marathon where multiple tortilla chip and Animal Cracker bags see use. Not proud of it, but part of who I am.

But the common theme from sun-up to sun-down is the shakes. So many shakes. Glass after glass of heavy, protein-packed sludge. Even Mike Tannebaum is jealous.

DeChambeau is going to emerge from this pushing three bills and pushing his insides to their damn limit. He -- and his digestive system alike -- may be a champion when all is said and done. What a treat it is to see an athlete push himself one container of whey protein at a time toward the finish line.