Bryson DeChambeau Golf Club Drama Continues

Tom Dulat/GettyImages

Bryson DeChambeau has famously moved from being one of the most polarizing figures on the PGA Tour to one of the most polarizing on the LIV Golf circuit, but nothing will ever stop him from continuing to provide excellent content. Today's comes in the form of a well-reported story from Golfweek's Adam Schupak exploring the long-driving personality's quest to find clubs that meet his high standards.

DeChambeau came within a few approach shots from the WM Phoenix Open to test out some Ping products, as he is a free agent following the expiration of his previous agreement with Cobra. He's been testing out a wide variety of brands in the quest to mash some balls, including the recent addition of a Taylormade Stealth 2 driver. Because, well, it sounds quite apparent that there will be no reconciliation with Cobra.

“I wish him all the best, but it’s going to be a struggle just because of what he wants to do,” said Cobra-Puma’s PGA Tour rep Ben Schomin, who has been at DeChambeau’s beck and call and bended over backwards to accommodate his every request.

Schomin noted that DeChambeau’s recent comments to a reporter regarding what he was searching for in a driver also rubbed Cobra officials, which invested heavily in producing gear especially for DeChambeau, the wrong way.

“It was such an asinine statement, especially for a guy who is perceived to be all-knowing when it comes to science and physics, that he said he needs a driver that can be hit anywhere and everywhere across the face and find the fairway,” Schomin said. “With increased speed, demands increase precision. It’s just like a race car. You’ve got to be a better driver when you’re running at 200 miles per hour than you do at 75 (mph) going down I-95. He doesn’t believe that. He thinks there is a magic bullet out there. He’s looking for a unicorn.”

Cobra’s R&D team and tour staff invested more time and effort with DeChambeau than arguably any brand has for one of its ambassadors. As an executive at one of the ‘Big 4’ competitors said, “We don’t have the manpower to deal with him.”

All of this is especially sad because DeChambeau shed tears after originally getting his mitts on the Cobra stuff in a visit that ended with him signing a ceremonial wall with "The day the game changed, July 13, 2016.”

The golfer laid out exact what he's looking for in his next big club and it's, well, it's a lot.

“We’re still on a pursuit to who can make a driver that can work it at 200 [m.p.h. ball speed] anywhere and everywhere on the face and still goes in the fairway,” said DeChambeau, who shot an two-over 72 on Thursday at Royal Greens G&CC to sit in a tie for 71st. “When that day comes, that’s going to be eye-opening for a lot of individuals because they will be optimizing ball speeds at 195, which can fly 360 yards. And that’s going to change the game forever. But we’re not there yet.”

Good luck on finding whatever it is you're looking for, but it sort of sounds like it might not exist.