Bryce Young Really Does Look Tiny Next to NFL Linemen

Bryce Young
Bryce Young /

By this point if you have read any NFL news at all you know that Bryce Young is short. Not short by normal people standards but definitely short by professional quarterback standards and it was the chief concern about Young as a prospect heading into April's NFL Draft. Obviously it did not end up making a difference as the Alabama product went first overall to the Carolina Panthers, but his success at the highest level will in large part be determined by how Young deals with the fact that everybody around him is a lot bigger than he is.

On Friday afternoon we got our first look at Young on the field with his teammates as the Panthers gathered for rookie minicamp. Anybody who thought the size concerns were overblown may rethink their stance after seeing the below video because Young really does look so very small.

There is a bit of an illusion happening given the linemen are closer to the camera than Young and thus appear larger in comparison to the quarterback. But it's not really about that. Look at him under center! You can barely see him!

This does not mean Young will be bad but the contrast between himself and his center is helpful in exhibiting the sort of obstacles he will have to overcome. Obstacles that his counterparts do not have to deal with. Young's college excellence suggests he'll figure it out sooner rather than later but it'll be fascinating for us to all watch.