Bryce Harper Wants to Win a World Series in Washington For Montreal

By Stephen Douglas

Bryce Harper wants to win a World Series. Duh! Who doesn’t? Harper spoke to USA TODAY and said he really wants to win a World Series, not just for Washington, where he plays, but for Montreal, where he never played.

"“I want to win it so bad, not just for the fans of D.C., but for the fans of Montreal as well,” Harper says. “That’s what people forget sometimes. It’s not just D.C., but the Expos organization (which relocated to Washington after the 2004 season). “People forget how good those teams were in Montreal. Look at all of the studs they drafted that came through the organization. Randy Johnson. Cliff Lee. Delino DeShields. Marquis Grissom. It’s crazy to look back to see how good those teams were and what could have been.”"

Yes, it is crazy to look back at the Expos organization and some of the great players who were a part of that organization. It’s also crazy to think that the people of Montreal are rooting for the 2017 iteration of the Washington Nationals.

It’s been more than a decade since the team moved. Even back in 2005 its unlikely that the people of Montreal were rooting for the Nationals. The people of Cleveland were not happy for the Baltimore Ravens. Polite Canadians might have wished their favorite players well, but those guys are all gone. The people of Montreal will find little solace in a championship for a team in Washington.