Bryce Harper's Offseason Plan: Arrive at Spring Training as "Big As a House"

By Mike Cardillo

Bryce Harper, u mad bro?

The 20-year-old Nationals star is so upset about his team missing the postseason he tells the Washington Post’s Adam Kilgore today he can’t bear to watch the baseball playoffs, in fact he “couldn’t care less.” Instead he’ll chill on the couch at his Las Vegas pad with his girlfriend and watch some college football.

Oh, right he also plans to CRUSH IT at the gym so he arrives at Nationals’ Spring training in 2014, “big as a house.”

This should come as no surprise to the guy who once showed up for batting practice with a “Suns Out! Guns Out!” tank top.

Harper, listed at 6-foot-2/230 pounds,  finished the 2013 season with a .274/.368/.486 line with 20 homers in only 118 games due to numerous injuries including his face-first crash into the wall at Dodger Stadium and a lingering knee issue.

Perhaps he’s taking the Mike Trout rout. The Angels star outfielder followed up his Rookie of the Year campaign in 2012 by arriving to Spring Training in 2013 bulked up to 240 pounds. Trout, 21, was probably even better this season upping his OPS to .988.

Asking Harper about his motivation for getting swole probably falls under the auspices of a “clown question, bro.”

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