Bryce Harper is Now Hanging Out with Babe Ruth

By Mike Cardillo

Bryce Harper’s campaign to become the new face of baseball — on Madison Avenue anyway — appears to be in full swing. Earlier this week his really frickin’ weird Gatorade commercial debuted. Now comes this MLB-produced spot where he pulls a Forrest Gump and is digitally inserted into some of baseball’s historical moments, such as Cartlon Fisk’s famous home run in the 1975 World Series. He even poses for a picture with Babe Ruth and bats off Nolan Ryan. The tagline is: “Bryce Harper is only 21 years old, but he looks like a legend.”

It’s a very creative spot, although figure it’s another reason for Harper’s peers will think he’s overrated.

My favorite touch is Harper rounding the bases at a rapid pace, which seemed to happen in all those black-and-white newsreel clips from yesteryear. The Babe himself often looked fast enough to beat Usain Bolt in a footrace.

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