Bryce Harper Designed His Own Sharkskin Tuxedos for January Wedding, Apparently

By Mike Cardillo

Bryce Harper only played in four playoff games with the Nationals this month before their elimination at the hands of the Giants in the NLCS. Even so, Harper made an impact with three home runs — giving him four in his brief postseason career. In turn, Harper tied an MLB record with Mickey Mantle, Miguel Cabrera and Andruw Jones for most postseason home runs before the age of 22. (Harper turns 22 on Wednesday.)

Mantle, coincidentally enough, is an important figure in Harper’s life, so much so that The Mick will feature during his wedding to longtime girlfriend Kayla Varner in January. According to the Las Vegas Review-Journal, Harper named his wedding party after Mantle and he even designed the groomsman’s attire himself!

"Harper and his wedding party, nicknamed “The Holy 7,” will wear brilliant Navy sharkskin Bespoke tuxedos with Cognac colored leather shoes. The bride will wear white and the bridesmaids will be in silver dresses. “He proudly said he was in charge of designing the tuxedos. He dreamed out loud and we matched that,” said Eamon Springall, founder and president of Stitched."

George Costanza would be proud.

Newly appointed TBL fashion correspondent Stephen Douglas informed me that the Harper wedding attire is, “much simpler than they sound. it’s a blue suit and brown shoes.” Then we discussed why Harper, born in 1992, would cite Mantle as his favorite player considering the Mick passed away in 1995. As Stephen surmised, there must have been a lot of Mantle mixtapes floating around YouTube in the mid-2000s. (If, for some strange reason, these sort of scintillating conversations intrigue you, the Hard Pass Podcast has you covered — we talked about Harper in the latest edition, in fact!)

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