Bruce Feldman Talks JT Barrett, Jim Harbaugh Colts Speculation, Coach O, and Mechanics of Sideline R


Fox sideline reporter Bruce Feldman, who’ll be on the broadcast of Ohio State-Army this Saturday at 4:30 pm ET before USC-Texas, joins the podcast this week! We discussed:

  • Will JT Barrett still be Ohio State’s QB by Halloween?
  • Is there any chance Jim Harbaugh is the head coach of the Colts in 2018?
  • Paul Finebaum’s comments about Ed Orgeron’s “paranoia,” and how Coach O has changed since Feldman wrote a book about his Ole Miss program.
  • What % of info he gathers for sideline reporting makes it to air?
  • How does he do his SI Top-10 list when so many games are happening at the same time he’s doing sideline duties?
  • ESPN vs. Fox PR wars.

Hope you enjoy!