Bruce Arians Once Again Places Blame on Tom Brady UPDATED

Tom Brady and Bruce Arians.
Tom Brady and Bruce Arians. / Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

UPDATE: After this story was published, Bucs coach Bruce Arians said the following about Tom Brady, making it two rebukes in less than 24 hours and three outward about Brady to the media this year. Things are getting testy.

Bill Belichick never blamed Tom Brady for a loss in front of the media. In fact, Belichick went out of his way to shoulder the heat for any loss the Patriots suffered during Brady's 20-year tenure in New England even if the quarterback was obviously at fault.

Bruce Arians, on the other hand, has no problem pointing the finger at Brady to the media. In fact, in just over two months Arians has already lamented about Brady's miscues to the media and how it's impacted the Bucs' ability to win a game twice, including after Tampa Bay's 27-24 loss to the Rams last night.

Following an awful performance by Brady against a stout Rams defense, which included a game-sealing interception by the Rams with under two minutes remaining, Arians seemingly went out of his way to call out Brady not only for his bad throw in the two-minute drill but also for missing open receivers throughout the game. Here are a few excerpts from his postgame press conference, which included praise for his offensive coordinator, who shouldn't be blamed at all.

The throw in question was an abomination from Brady, capping a terrible performance where he completed only 54 percent of his passes for 216 yards with 2 TDs and 2 INTs.

This isn't the first time Brady has cost his team a chance to win because of inaccurate throws (he has 9 interceptions already this year) and this isn't the first time Arians has voiced his frustrations with Brady's inability to get it done. After the Bucs lost to the Saints in Week 1, Arians placed blame on Brady for both of his interceptions, including one that was returned for a touchdown.

Regardless, that's two more times than Belichick ever called Brady out for costly interceptions. They are different coaches with different styles and one can assume Arians is trying to light a fire under Brady. Brady has responded each time after a loss this season, combining for 6 TDs and 1 INT and leading the Bucs to three bounce-back wins. However, their next opponent is the Chiefs, not exactly the team you want to face after a loss.

The dynamic between Arians and Brady has been an intriguing watch throughout the season and one thing that's become clear is Arians has no problem calling out the GOAT whenever he feels it's warranted. That's not Belichick's style, but it's worked so far for the Bucs. The only question remaining is how much longer Brady takes the flack being aired in public before firing back.