Bruce Arians Lets Tom Brady Coach His Team, Unlike That Guy in New England

Tom Brady and Bruce Arians
Tom Brady and Bruce Arians / Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are on their way to the NFC Championship Game after taking down the New Orleans Saints, 30-20, on Sunday night. Tom Brady got it done. Again. The defense came up with two gigantic second-half turnovers. Drew Brees' playing career more than likely came to an ignominious end.

And, of course, Bruce Arians said some things after the game. This time around, the fiery coach made headlines by proclaiming to all that he lets Brady coach the team, while being sure to note the future Hall of Famer was not allowed to do that at his previous job.

"“Consummate leader,” Arians said. “Has been all year. Got the air of confidence that permeates through our team every day. I allow him to be himself. Like, New England didn’t allow him to coach. I allow him to coach. I just sit back sometimes and watch.”"

Via Peter King

This is just another quote in a long line of them from Arians that comes off as weirdly combative when it doesn't need to be. It's also a bit confusing.

What, exactly, does he mean by coaching? Is it just the pep talks leaders give? Is Brady giving defensive backs notes on their technique? Explaining the value of the A-gap vs. the B-gap to the down linemen? The man has lived and breathed football for three-quarters of his life and has done so at the highest level since George W. Bush's first term in office, so he has a lot to offer. He has probably forgotten more about football than half his teammates will ever know. So good for Arians for tapping into that knowledge, I guess?

On the other side, not letting Brady "coach" (whatever that does mean) paid substantial dividends for Bill Belichick in New England. They won six Super Bowls in nine appearances with 13 trips to the AFC Championship Game. Belichick is also king of compartmentalization in football, as evidenced by the Do Your Job mantra. It's still dubious that he didn't let Brady impart words of wisdom whenever he may have offered in pursuit of winning more football games.

I have no answers. All that said, it's clear we need the Bucs in the Super Bowl. Because Arians on media day will generate a half-dozen articles just like this. A content machine, the man is.