The Cleveland Browns Are One of the 50 Most Valuable Sports Teams in the Entire World

This picture screams wealth.
This picture screams wealth. / Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

Forbes released the 2021 edition of their list of the 50 most valuable sports teams on Friday. The Dallas Cowboys came in at No. 1, reportedly worth $5.7 billion. The New York Yankees ($5.25b) and New York Knicks ($5b) are two and three and Barcelona ($4.76b) and Real Madrid ($4.75b) round out the top five. No real surprises, but did you know the Cleveland Browns are the 50th most valuable franchise in the world?

To put the immense amount of money involved in the NFL right now in perspective, the Cleveland Browns are worth more than 24 MLB teams. The Cleveland Browns are worth more than 21 NBA teams. They're worth more than every single NHL team. And yet they are just the 26th-most valuable NFL team.

The Jacksonville Jaguars, who have had a winning season once in the last decade and cannot fill their stadium in non-pandemic times, are worth more than the Browns. And they are worth the same amount ($2.45 billion) as the New York Mets and Dallas Mavericks. Keep in mind Steve Cohen paid like $2.4 billion for the Mets. Somehow, I don't see him getting the return on investment that Jerry Jones did when he paid $150 million for the Cowboys all those decades ago.

The Browns and Jaguars are worth more than most of the teams that were targeted for the European Super Leauge. So the next time JP Morgan Chase decides to invest a bunch of money, they should make sure a real global power like London's Jaguars are involved.