Three Kareem Hunt Trade Destinations

Kareem Hunt
Kareem Hunt / Nick Cammett/GettyImages

The NFL trade deadline is later this week and the rumor mill suggests the Cleveland Browns are looking into trading Kareem Hunt. This may come as a surprise, given Hunt has been pretty good this year, but he hasn't been better than Nick Chubb and Cleveland would be smart to move Hunt in the final year of his deal for an extra asset. The latest news says the Browns are taking calls for Hunt and won't give him up for nothing, but a deal could be struck.

Who could go after the veteran RB? Here are a few options.

Buffalo Bills

The Bills are very much in the RB market this year, calling the Panthers about Christian McCaffrey before he got traded to San Francisco and most recently reaching out to the Saints about Alvin Kamara. Hunt is obviously not as good as either of those guys but is more versatile than any other back on Buffalo's roster right now and is the perfect kind of low-cost rental that a contending team should pursue. He'd give the offense another element and provide a dangerous running mate for Josh Allen. Buffalo should be in the running, but the Browns may not want to trade Hunt to a team they may end up facing in the postseason.

Los Angeles Rams

The Rams were reportedly pursuing McCaffrey too and forced the price point up for the Niners, which is a minor win but does not fix the lack of depth at running back. The Cam Akers situation is super weird but seems unsalvageable, leaving only Darrell Henderson Jr. in the backfield. That is a problem, especially for a team that already seems snakebitten in the injury department. Los Angeles obviously doesn't have a ton of picks to work with here but sending out a mid-round pick to get Hunt in Sean McVay's offense is probably worth it-- if the team believes itself a contender again this year.

Atlanta Falcons

The Falcons are, somehow, first in the NFC South heading into Week 8's Sunday slate and they might act like they're true contenders as the deadline approaches. Which they obviously are not but making the playoffs would be a big accomplishment for Arthur Smith and a team that refuses to pass the ball. Hunt fits into that vision and could make the ground game dangerous again until Cordarrelle Patterson returns from IR. Once he's back, he and Hunt are both versatile enough to be on the field at the same time. Not the most ground-shaking trade option but one that makes a ton of sense for both sides if Atlanta is willing to give up a Day 2 pick.