Browns Goal-Line Sequence Perfectly Sums Up Their Disappointing Season

William Pitts
Buffalo Bills v Cleveland Browns
Buffalo Bills v Cleveland Browns / Kirk Irwin/Getty Images

Those who have already written off the Cleveland Browns' 2019 season just found more reason to do so today after an almost unbelievable - yet totally Cleveland Browns - sequence in the first quarter of their game against the Buffalo Bills.

Holding a 6-0 lead over the 6-2 Bills, the Browns looked to extend it with a touchdown, and were in prime position to do so from Buffalo's one-yard line. The following sequence may well be replayed in Freddie Kitchens' mind for the rest of his life.

On first down, Baker Mayfield threw an incomplete pass to Odell Beckham Jr., which was wiped out by a defensive pass interference penalty on Jordan Poyer. The line of scrimmage is advanced half a yard.

On first down...again...Nick Chubb went right tackle but lost two yards on his way to the end zone. The next play, Chubb went right again, but was stopped at the one. On third down, Mayfield threw another incompletion, again to Beckham, and again the Browns received a fresh set of downs thanks to a Bills defensive pass interference penalty - this one on TreDavious White - and everyone in attendance is chewing their fingernails off.

First down again. Chubb is stopped for no gain. Second down, and Mayfield fires another incompletion, which miraculously does not draw a pass interference. Third down, and Chubb fails to even reach the line of scrimmage.

Which sets up this fourth down handoff to Chubb.

On that series of plays, which started at the Bills one-yard line, Baker Mayfield was zero-for-three passing, and Nick Chubb picked up -2 yards on five carries. Incredible.

If the Bills win, this will probably be the sequence that everyone remembers from this game, and perhaps the signature moment of the Browns' disappointing season.