Browns GM John Dorsey Spent First Round of NFL Draft Prank Calling Other GMs


The Cleveland Browns did not have a first-round pick in this year’s NFL draft, as it was sent to the New York Giants in the Odell Beckham Jr. trade. It’s a trade you make every time, to be sure, but it meant GM John Dorsey didn’t have a lot to do on that first night. He likely kept tabs on potential falling players, but it’s still a long night with a lot of down time even when you have a pick.

How did Dorsey fill his time? By calling other NFL GMs to mess with them. The Cardinals and Colts released footage of their war room after the draft, and Dorsey called both the Cardinals’ Steve Keim and the Colts’ Chris Ballard because he was bored. They both had great reactions:

Honestly, that kind of comedic relief in a stressful environment like a draft war room is probably very helpful. Plus, it sounds like this is a regular thing between Ballard and Dorsey. I can’t tell which reaction I like better: Ballard’s abrupt response after picking up the phone is great, but Keim’s scoff was filled with light-hearted contempt and he didn’t give Dorsey the satisfaction of an answer, no matter how abrupt.

The image of Dorsey sitting around and twirling a pencil as he laughs and dials another number is very funny, too. Considering he didn’t have the pick because he got one of the three best receivers in the league, Dorsey was likely feeling mighty pleased with himself. The stakes are very high in professional sports, and light moments like these are always fun to see. He should give Bill Belichick a call next year and see what happens.