Browns Ban Fan For Pouring Beer on Logan Ryan, Fan Claims He Hasn't Been to a Game Since 2010


The Cleveland Browns had a disappointing kick-off to their season on Sunday, losing 43-13 to the Tennessee Titans. Just about everything went wrong that day, including the conduct of their fans. A video surfaced shortly after the game of a Browns fan dumping beer on Logan Ryan and several other Titans while they celebrated a touchdown.

This type of thing is, of course, not what the league is looking for. The Browns took action swiftly, and announced on Tuesday they had identified the fan and that he would be facing an indefinite ban from the stadium for his actions.

But Cleveland may have gotten the wrong man. Eric Smith, a Cleveland-area DJ, took to Twitter and said the Browns had contacted him informing him of the ban. The problem? Smith says he hasn’t been to a game in nearly 10 years.

Cleveland Scene reached out to Smith, who said that he had been with his family on gameday until 2 P.M., when he left to go DJ a wedding. Given the incident occurred in the latter half of that afternoon’s game, there’s a very good chance Smith was already at the venue while his alleged doppelgänger dumped beer on a professional football player. Smith received a call from Cleveland’s Vice President of Ticket Sales and Service, Bob Sivik, on Wednesday morning. Sivik told him that his tattoos had been matched and he had been seen on camera several times throughout the afternoon. When Smith requested the footage, Sivik allegedly replied, “You don’t have to get defensive if you’re innocent.”

What a saga this is. We’ll update as more information becomes available.