Brooks Koepka Calls Out J.B. Holmes Following Disastrous Final Round at The Open


Brooks Koepka has better things to do with his time than play golf. The four-time major champion has made it abundantly clear to anyone who watches golf that he doesn’t really love the game (in this year alone, he’s said he doesn’t watch it when he’s not playing and he doesn’t practice outside of the majors) and now he’s calling out players for their slow play too.

During a train-wreck of a final round for his playing partner J.B. Holmes, Koepka noticed Holmes was taking too long to play. Or at least by Koepka’s standards. He not only was caught on camera walking away from Holmes as he lined up a putt, but he also reportedly signaled to an official that Holmes was taking too long and then called Holmes out after the round for his slow play.

Clearly, Koepka wasn’t happy with how fast Holmes played during his final-round 87. He was caught showing displeasure with him during the round.

And as mentioned, he reportedly pointed out how long it was taking to an official.

It’s rare to hear PGA Tour players calling each other out like this. But then again, Koepka plays by his own rules.

He called out players earlier this year for their slow play (“I just don’t understand how it takes a minute and 20 seconds, or a minute and 15 to hit a golf ball…it’s not that hard,” Koepka said). He also turned down a call from Tiger Woods for a practice round ahead of The Open and hasn’t shied away from degrading the sport that made him rich and famous in the past.

Now Koepka’s ire has turned to his playing competitors, which is bad news for deliberate players on tour who grind over every shot while Brooks basically just walks up, hits the ball and collects major trophies.