Broncos, Josh McDaniels Fined $100K for Videotaping Niners Practice

By Tim Ryan

"“Scarnecchia filmed the drills of his own accord, later offering to show the video to McDaniels. But the coach declined, the Broncos said. The NFL found that McDaniels, who was fined $50,000, had failed to report the incident as required by league policy. The team was held responsible for its employee and also fined $50,000.”"

I’d like to take this time to applaud Josh McDaniels for his impeccable self control, as him honorably declining to view the video is completely believable. And with Scarnecchia and his knack for wrongdoing now out of the picture, McDaniels and his staff can finally move forward with some peace of mind. Hear hear!

Broncos, McDaniels fined $50K each [ESPN; photo via Getty]