Three Trade Destinations For Jerry Jeudy

Jerry Jeudy
Jerry Jeudy / Cooper Neill/GettyImages

The Denver Broncos were having a terrible year before Russell Wilson suffered a partial hamstring tear last week. Now things are somehow even more dire. The team sits at 2-4 with little hope of recovering given how difficult the division is and how downright awful everybody has looked in general.

You know what that means. With the trade deadline quickly approaching on November 1, the Broncos have to consider a fire sale. They're locked in with Wilson for the next three years at least so there's no point in blowing it all up, especially without many draft picks in 2023, but they have to at least think about trading some of their better talent to recoup some draft capital. A mini-reset of sorts.

The player who seems most likely to get moved is Jerry Jeudy. The former Alabama superstar has been disappointing so far this season, only recording 17 catches for 290 yards and two touchdowns. Drops have been an issue for Jeudy throughout his career and this season he's caught only 47 percent of his targets, although that can largely be attributed to Wilson's inaccuracy and the general ineptitude that currently plagues the offense.

Jeudy has two more years on his deal and a contending team could go after him for some reinforcements at wideout. Jeudy could probably be had for a second-round pick at most. So who could pull off a deal?

Green Bay Packers

The Packers should be at the top of any list concerning teams who want wide receivers. The rookies have potential but it doesn't seem like they're ready to become fully realized contributors this year. Aaron Rodgers' magic can only do so much in that regard. Jeudy's drops would drive Rodgers up the wall but he'd be able to get open with savvy route-running rather than pure athleticism, which sets him apart from everyone not named Randall Cobb in Green Bay right now. Jeudy wouldn't fix the issues with the team but he'd go a long way towards it and would, at the very least, signal to Rodgers that the front office is taking these problems seriously.

Indianapolis Colts

The Colts badly need help at wide receiver. Matt Ryan has had no time to throw this year but when he does get a few seconds in the pocket his options are either Michael Pittman or Alec Pierce. Nobody else can find any separation. Jeudy would fit into the offense well and the Colts have the picks and cap space to pull off a trade without much trouble.

New York Giants

The Giants should absolutely not be buyers at the trade deadline but being above .500 for the first time in half a decade does strange things to people. The front office might decide that going all-in for this year is the move and if so, Jeudy should be atop their target list. Daniel Jones is throwing to a bunch of nobodies with Sterling Shepard's injury and Kenny Golladay's consistent inconsistency. Jeudy fits the timeline of the team and can help Jones now and be around to help whoever replaces them, if Big Blue goes that route. If they don't have to pay too much this would be a smart move for New York, but they have to be careful of paying too much.