Britt McHenry on High Noon: "Example of Skipper Filling Demo's Over Talent"


Britt McHenry, formerly of ESPN and now host of UN-PC on something called Fox Nation, weighed in on the programming decisions of her former employer yesterday. Jemele Hill, also formerly of ESPN, noticed.

McHenry wondered if anyone watches High Noon. The answer is knowable, but maybe this wasn’t an earnest search for truth. Not to be overly cynical or anything.

Her implication that Bomani Jones and Pablo Torre were awarded a show over more talented co-workers by John Skipper because they are minorities is impressive in the sense that most people would at least attempt to dress it up with some innuendo. Then again, most people don’t host a show called UN-PC. Credit for the commitment.

Things took a somewhat predictable turn from there.

Now, we live in a fractured society and political ideology may dictate belief in regard to who delivered the better zinger. But we can all agree that Torre didn’t happen upon McHenry’s criticism while viewing her Instagram stories. The initial comment was intentionally provocative, and getting the primaries to engage — in some warped sense — could be seen as a win.

The exhausting din of castigating ESPN as social justice warriors and champions of the PC has thankfully lowered to a dull roar lately. Every once in a while, though, something like this will pop up and remind the masses that the line of attack will never go extinct.