Brian Windhorst 'Mildly Surprised' Knicks Didn't Fire David Fizdale Yet

David Fizdale coaching Knicks
David Fizdale coaching Knicks / Mike Stobe/Getty Images

The Knicks lost by an astounding 44 points to the Bucks Monday night. They're 4-17, tied with the Warriors for least wins in the NBA. They don't really have purpose or direction and it's not necessarily clear how much of this is David Fizdale's fault -- would you feel better about him if the Knicks were, like, 7-14? -- but given that he was put on notice by management weeks ago, there were questions on whether this Bucks loss was so resounding that Fiz would lose his job. Speaking on The Jump on Tuesday, Brian Windhorst explained that he's "mildly surprised" that didn't happen yet:

"The team has not responded really well to the adversity," Windhorst said. "The only thing that they really have left to do right now is say 'Let's change the coach to see if we can salvage this.' -- for the front office to salvage their jobs."

"Has David Fizdale done a good job of creating a style of play? No," Windhorst continued. "Has he done a good job of developing what they're going to be night in and night out and what their roles are? He has not. 4-17 is on his head. This is not a 4-17 roster. But, it's not a .500 roster. It's a bad team. He was given a bad team, he was given a team with five power forwards, he was given a team with no point guard. In the NBA, if you don't have a point guard ... they're getting boat-raced by the other team's backcourt almost every night. That's a result of personnel. In the NBA, you can only sell two things: Hope or success. They can't sell success, and right now there's not even selling hope."

It's hard to imagine anything turning around even on a several-year time horizon for New York, and it's actually kind of crazy that the NBA to this point has not intervened with the way the Knicks are run by James Dolan.