Brian Windhorst Says James Harden - Ben Simmons Trade is in 'The Deal Zone' and Twitter is Loving It


Brian Windhorst appeared on Get Up on Wednesday morning to discuss the upcoming NBA trade deadline. On the subject of James Harden and Ben Simmons, Windhorst said that the 76ers and Nets are currently in "the deal zone." This was first relayed to the Internet by Sixers writer Austin Krell and it quickly appeared that he had a viral tweet on his hands as NBA Twitter latched onto their beloved new term and started to have fun.

You can watch the full clip on or just listen to this snippet.

It's such a simple term. Everyone knows exactly what he means, but it also might have been the first time anyone ever put those two words together in that order and man does the Internet love anything that is slightly different in a harmless way. With that in mind, we entered The Deal Zone and tracked down some of the best tweets about what it was really like inside.

The Deal Zone!