Brian Windhorst 'Cannot See' LeBron James Going To The Lakers Or Rockets


After the Cavaliers were blown out for the second straight game in the Eastern Conference Finals, the speculation of them losing LeBron James has greatly increased.

The rumored four teams that LeBron will be selecting from are the 76ers, Lakers, Rockets, and of course the Cavaliers. But on PTI, NBA Insider Brian Windhorst says not so fast on LeBron heading out West (at 1:32 left):

Windhorst, who has covered LeBron since high school, believes that it is still championships that LeBron is chasing and going out West would only hurt those chances. He told Adrian Wojnarowski before the start of the Eastern Conference Finals that LeBron could stay in Cleveland because he may not love his alternatives.

This statement does not shut the door on LeBron James taking his talents out West; however, it has to be believed Windhorst isn’t just joining in on the speculation but has spoken to someone with knowledge on the situation.