Brian Westbrook Calls Sportscenter ... No, That's a Prank Call from Howard Stern Fan Captain Janks


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” … and I look forward to a future of worshipping the prostate of Howard Stern.”

Janks called in to Howard Stern’s show this morning to talk about his con job, and here’s how he said he did it: He called in pretending to be Westbrook’s manager. The name he gave, he claims, was completely made up. (How, behind-the-scenes Sportscenter people, do you not at least run a google?) Initially, whomever took his call said that they’d rather tape the interview; Janks wisely said, “I’d rather have my client do it live because we don’t want you guys to cut the interview up.” Twenty-minutes later, ESPN called back and asked for Westbrook’s number. Janks simply gave them his number, and then the magic happened.

Scott Van Pelt, to his credit, didn’t seem all that rattled.