Brian Mitchell Rips Jack Del Rio After January 6 Comments

Washington Football Team v Denver Broncos
Washington Football Team v Denver Broncos / Justin Tafoya/GettyImages

Jack Del Rio's comments about January 6 on Wednesday ticked off a whole lot of people. The Washington Commanders defensive coordinator referred to what happened that day as a "dust up" at the Capitol. Former Washington running back Brian Mitchell ripped Del Rio for those statements and even took a shot at head coach Ron Rivera for not speaking up on the matter.

Mitchell co-hosts a daily Washington D.C. radio show on 106.7 the Fan with JP Finlay and on Wednesday he went off on Del Rio and Rivera.

Here's what Mitchell had to say:

"Listen, I see a lot of stuff going on with this team right now and this is where I'm about to go the hell off, and I get so sick of it. Where we have a coach who we sit up here and we try to put on a pedestal as 'he's this disciplinarian,' and he's got a damn defensive coordinator who constantly pokes the goddamn bear. You've got an undisciplined D-coordinator, but you want your football team to be disciplined?

"And I'm supposed to give a damn about somebody out there in practice, T-shirt and pants and they had a collision? I'm supposed to care about that stuff? Hell with that! I care about him getting his damn D-coordinator under control before somebody beats his ass up! That's what I care about. I care about somebody stopping this man from constantly poking this little racial bear, what he's doing. That's what I care about. June 8th, I care about somebody having a damn collision? Wow! Guess what? I want them to have more collisions, so they can learn how to have collisions on the damn football field."

He continued:

"But this stuff now about ... I don't care about how livid he is! He should be livid about the man who's sitting here constantly going against what he presents himself as. And he does it over, and over and over again and never ever does he address it. That's what I care about. So we've got to understand one thing: This football thing is cool, but there's a lot of stuff that's going on with that football team that is not cool.

"And when you have Jack Del Rio constantly feeling like 'I can just go out and say whatever the hell I want to say.' Why? Because the coach never said nothing to him. You've got all these issues going on with the Washington Commanders right now and he's constantly trying to make waves because of stupidity. And you wonder why that team wasn't disciplined last year, because your damned leader that's leading your defense is not disciplined. June 8th? It's not a story."

You can listen to the entire segment below:

Mitchell is a three-time NFL All-Pro, won a Super Bowl with Washington in 1991 and is in the franchise's Ring of Fame. It's safe to say he has some credibility on how Del Rio's comments will be received in the locker room.