Brian Flores Issues Terrible Non-Denial of Deshaun Watson Rumors

Miami Dolphins Training Camp
Miami Dolphins Training Camp / Mark Brown/Getty Images

The Miami Dolphins topped the Cincinnati Bengals in their final preseason game Sunday afternoon, but after the game all anyone wanted to talk about was Deshaun Watson. Unfortunately for Dolphins head coach Brian Flores, he handled a postgame question about the Houston Texans quarterback terribly.

Last week, reports surfaced suggesting the Dolphins were interested in trading for Watson and were the frontrunners to land him. That news came despite the numerous lawsuits and potential criminal charges the 25-year-old is facing for inappropriate conduct with a string of massage therapists.

This, of course, is a fascinating situation, not just because Watson is facing serious criminal and civil liability, but also because Miami drafted Tua Tagovailoa with the fifth pick in the 2020 NFL Draft.

After Sunday's game, Flores was asked if he was willing to say the Dolphins weren't interested in Watson. He, uh, definitely didn't say that.

Well, that's a clumsy non-denial. He could have no-commented, said he had no control over personnel moves, or instead spoke glowingly about Tagovailoa. Instead he offered a weak, "I'm interested in the guys in that locker room" kind of response that fell completely flat. Then he bolted the podium like his party's name had been called at a crowded TGI Friday's.

I don't blame Flores. Someone with the Dolphins should have given him some kind of statement or answer, because they had to know this question was coming.