Brian Cashman Proudly Boasts the Yankees Aren't 'Analytically-Driven'


Major League Baseball's winter meetings are underway in Scottsdale and that means we're likely to see some offseason movement. We'll also be getting interesting quotes from front office people and New York Yankees vice president an general manager Brian Cashman was first up on Tuesday.

While talking to the assembled press, Cashman boasted that, despite what some have said, the Yankees aren't an "analytically-driven" organization.

Video below:

Kind of a weird flex.

I'm not sure if downplaying your team's use of analytics is the smart move in this day and age. Boasting that you have the smallest analytics department in your division is also a weird thing to brag about. Having a big scouting department is great, but shouldn't a team with the resources of the Yankees try to do both? Not sure what Cashman is thinking.

I'm also not sure why he seems so oddly defensive about the potential of being an analytically-driven franchise.