Brent Grimes' Wife Miko is Going on an Epic Rant Against the NFL's Greed

By Jason Lisk

It appears to have begun because she had emergency oral surgery last week, and Grimes left the Pro Bowl after asking head coach Jason Garrett. Someone else at the NFL, though, pulled his paid appearances when he missed practice.

Once that floodgate opened, then she went just about everywhere, in a rant that is at 40 tweets and counting. She thinks Brent should have won Pro Bowl MVP, ranted about the NFL’s issues with women and domestic violence, Thursday Night Football, training camp, franchise tags, violations of concussion protocol, and everything in between.

She didn’t talk about NFL wanting to play in London, so there’s that. Oh, and she knows where the bodies are buried. Of course, everyone knows that (the end zone of old Giants Stadium at the Meadowlands).

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