Brek Shea's Tap-In From Inches Away Puts the U.S. Ahead 1-0 in Gold Cup Final [Video]


Brek Shea to the rescue! Only 47 seconds after coming in as a sub, Shea tapped it in from literally inches away to put the United States ahead 1-0 late in the second half vs. Panama in the Gold Cup Final. Alejandro Bedoya sent in a low cross that trickled through the area. Landon Donovan appeared to have whiffed on the ball, but Shea was in the right place at the right time to score an all-time poacher’s goal. Even if Shea didn’t get a touch on it, the ball looked like it would cross over the line.

Shea’s goal likely renders Jurgen Klinsmann’s reaction after a handball wasn’t called earlier in the second half, moot.

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