Breece Hall Knocked out Amik Robertson With a Knee to the Helmet During a Hurdle


Breece Hall tried to leap a few defenders during the New York Jets - Las Vegas Raiders game on Sunday Hall had taken a handoff and ran down the left sideline when he was met by Amik Robertson and Marcus Epps and jumped. Hall hit Robertson with his knee and knocked out cold. While Hall flipped over Robertson immediately went down and it was clear he was out, laying there in a fencing pose. ght Football.

Robertson remained down as the broadcast went to commercial. When they returned, Robertson was walking off the field with help from trainers. Just our latest reminder that the NFL is an incredibly violent league.

The Jets led the Raiders 6-3 when this happened. To make matters worse, the play was called back because of holding on the Jets. Hall then scored a few plays later and that too was called back because of holding.