Breaking: Roger Goodell and Robert Kraft Reportedly Hugged Recently

By Mike Cardillo

We now interrupt your Tuesday morning with very VERY important Deflategateghazi news. According to one of the top NFL reporters in the land, NFL commish Roger Goodell and Patriots owner Robert Kraft have hugged recently.

At this point I am reminded I saw the trailer for the Entourage movie this weekend before Mad Max: Fury Road. Whose name appeared in the credits for that fine piece of cinema? The one and only Tom Brady — the man at the center of this controversy. Obviously the solution to solving this melodrama was always right there in front of us — “hugging it out.”

Granted there’s always the chance the hug between the former BFFs could have been of the Michael Corleone-Fredo Corleone dynamic.

Oh where will this wonderful story go next …

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