You Can Now Watch Korea's 'Bread Barbershop' on Netflix

Bread Pitt, the cake barber.
Bread Pitt, the cake barber. /

There's a new animated series on Netflix called Bread Barbershop. It's about a barbershop operated by a piece of bread. Haircuts are basically cake decorating as his main customers appear to be baked goods. The protagonist's name appears to be Bread Pitt. Seriously. Look. Bread. Pitt.

Bread. Pitt.
Bread. Pitt. /

Bread Barbershop is a Korean animation which has gained a large online following since its 2019 debut. It came to Europe this spring and just showed up on American Netflix in the last few days. If this sounds a little vague, that's because there is, like, nothing in English about the show. IMDB has no information beyond the title of the first episode and that there is apparently a character named Chip, who we can probably assume is a chip of some sort.

I watched the first episode of Bread Barbershop yesterday with my small child who did not appreciate the Bread Pitt pun. The first episode opens with a baker pulling a tin of cupcakes from the oven. When he walks away, the cupcakes climb out, the plot goes forward and they end up being put on display at the end of the episode. So it's not like these are just baked goods existing in their own universe. Humans exist and eat them.

All these cute little characters must die horrible deaths. The only explanation for their love of being decorated by Mr. Bread is that they are born believing that must ride eternal, shiny and chrome in Valhalla. Meanwhile, Mr. Bread and his employees never spoil and the baker just accepts the fact that his cakes are decorated by some unknown, unseen being.

Anyway, here's a video of the recurring characters fighting COVID.

Yeah. There are currently 39 episodes on Netflix. They're all around 10 minutes long. Each episode begins with a 9- second montage and ends with another two minutes of food dancing while credits roll. I cannot recommend this experience enough. Whether or not you have children, you really need to experience a full episode of this show.