Brazilian Referee Beheaded, Quartered by Fans After Killing Player


Absolutely, 100-percent insane and horrifying. As England’s Daily Mail reports:

"According to Correio24horas, Octavio da Silva Catanhede Jordan, 20, sent off Josenir dos Santos Abreu, who refused to leave the field and began insulting him. The referee is said to have been carrying a knife and he stabbed the player several times. Fans – believed to be friends or relatives of the player – ran onto the field and stoned the referee to death. They are then said to have cut him into quarters and put his head on a spike."

If you have the stomach, video of the the incident – moments after it happened – can be seen here. You’ve been warned.

Less than a year away from hosting the World Cup, this isn’t exactly the image Brazil probably wants to show the world even if it is surely an isolated incident. It’s probably a good idea to watch a Neymar goal or two to clense the mental palate.  [Photo via FoxSoccer]

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