Braves Fans Went Wild After Pete Alonso Got Hit By a Pitch

Pete Alonso
Pete Alonso /

The rivalry between the Atlanta Braves and New York Mets has regained some momentum over the last few seasons as both teams have become competitive and nothing gets the blood hot like divisional games that will determine playoff futures. The current series between the two sides has been especially spicy; on Tuesday, Pete Alonso cranked a deep homer off Bryce Elder and talked a bunch of trash afterwards that got picked up on the mic.

Elder was a good sport about it afterwards and said he was unbothered by Alonso's antics, which is really the only thing you can say after a guy goes yard on you. Their back-and-forth does help explain what happened on Wednesday night, though.

In Alonso's first at-bat in yesterday's game, Charlie Morton threw him a fastball too high and too inside. It drilled Alonso in the wrist, who immediately collapsed in great pain. Morton seemed instantly distraught in the way all pitchers get when they unintentionally get near the face of a batter. The fans in the stands... not so much.

You can hear audible applause from the Braves faithful in attendance after Alonso got hit and walked down the first-base line with a visible grimace. There were renewed cheers when Alonso was taken out of the game following examination from the trainers. Not great.

Alonso said after the game that Morton found him and apologized so at least somebody in Atlanta is feeling some remorse. Fortunately it sounds like the New York slugger avoided serious injury.

Not the best look.