Brandon Tierney Rips 'Classless Narcissist' LeBron James

Brandon Tierney on "Tiki and Tierney"
Brandon Tierney on "Tiki and Tierney" /

LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers were unceremoniously bounced from the NBA playoffs Thursday night by the Phoenix Suns. LeBron's actions in the wake of that loss have caused a stir on social media and among ports media members. Brandon Tierney is the latest to weigh in, and he absolutely went off on James.

During Friday's episode of Tiki and Tierney, Tierney ripped James for leaving the court without shaking hands, showing no respect for his opponents and only meeting with Devin Booker in the bowels of the arena. He called James a, "classless narcissist" and reiterated that he thinks LeBron won't win another title with the Lakers.

Here's the rant in its entirety:

That's a strong take and Tierney makes some great points. We don't know what James did behind the scenes last night to congratulate the Suns, but he certainly didn't do anything on the court. Having been in the business as long as he has, LeBron knows the cameras are always watching and had to know how that would look. He didn't seem to care.

Tierney is clearly done with James, as I'm sure a lot of others are.

We'll see if LeBron and the Lakers are truly cooked. If Anthony Davis can't stay healthy and general manager Rob Pelinka can't find some shooters, then yeah, James is almost certainly done winning titles in LA. But the Lakers were 21-6 before Davis got hurt. The season fell apart after. We'll see what happens moving forward.