Brandon Marsh Rode a Mechanical Bull After Phillies Clinched Playoff Berth

Brandon Marsh
Brandon Marsh /

The Philadelphia Phillies clinched a playoff berth in style on Tuesday night, walking off the Pittsburgh Pirates in extra innings to lock down their NL Wild Card spot. It called for a celebration of equally epic proportions. That is how we got this video of outfielder Brandon Marsh dramatically riding a mechanical bull at Xfinity Live! in Philly last night.

It is truly sad the video cuts off before the end of Marsh's bull ride. I can't be the only one who has wondered how long a pro athlete could last on one of those things. The average person is good for the first five or so seconds and then goes flying once the operator cranks up the intensity. Some will make it past that. Rare is the person who will last the whole time. It feels like Marsh could have done that.

On the other hand I somewhat doubt the bull operator would go full tilt when there's a Philadelphia Philly in the saddle. Nobody wants to be the guy who messed up Brandon Marsh's wrist because he went flying off a freaking mechanical bull. We've seen weirder baseball injuries but not many.

A good sign overall for the team's postseason hopes. Seems like they've got a real ride-or-die group there.