Brandon Browner on Malcolm Butler: 'He not the first to get caught with weed'


Former New England Patriots cornerback Brandon Browner seems to be indicating that Malcolm Butler was benched because he was caught with weed, in his latest post and accompanying video on Instagram. Earlier, Browner — who was teammates with Butler in 2014 on the Patriots — ranted on Belichick’s decision to sit Butler, getting the attention of other former teammates and a current one. There has been no reporting of any legal issues or arrests in regard to Butler while in Minneapolis for the Super Bowl, and the team has not publicly revealed any reason for Butler not playing on defense.

Bill Belichick said it was a football decision to sit him for the Super Bowl, but the timing suggests that may not be true.

Something appears to have happened Saturday that caused the Butler benching. Eric Rowe (Butler’s backup) said he didn’t even know he was starting until game time. This is Bill Belichick we are talking about. Rowe would have practiced as the starter all week if this was football-related, right?  I think where there is smoke, there is fire . . . no pun intended, and we will likely hear the story soon of why Butler was sat while the Patriots’ secondary got lit up.