Ronnie 2K Embroiled in Dispute With Bradley Beal's Wife, Kamiah Adams-Beal

Bradley Beal
Bradley Beal / Carmen Mandato/Getty Images

NBA 2K has been going through a slow rollout of all the player ratings over the last week. Predictably (and probably by design) there is a good amount of controversy about the ratings.

Someone who was particularly irked was Bradley Beal's wife, Kamiah Adams-Beal. Beal was ranked at 89 overall, which is admittedly pretty low for a guy who averaged 30 points last year. She tweeted out her ire on Friday and directed the message to Ronnie 2K, the longtime digital director of marketing for the video game and the most visible face associated with NBA 2K.

Ronnie was quite pleased about it.

Adams-Beal did not hesitate to fire back.

Then this morning, Ronnie 2K decided to escalate and tweeted (before deleting after a few hours), "Hope everyone is having the best weekend except Bradley Beal's wife."

The 2K representative later followed up that tweet with a gif.

I very much doubt the company is pleased about this interaction. Twitter is a silly place and the more discussion Ronnie 2K can drive about the upcoming video game, the better, but he seems to have unnecessarily escalated the situation. Unsurprising he deleted that follow-up tweet, but everything lives forever on the Internet. Remember that, kids.

Adams-Beal has yet to respond to this morning's tweets, but she is notably active on Twitter so it may only be a matter of time.