Brad Stevens Doesn't Seem Very Presidential When You Take a Closer Look at the Numbers


Boston Celtics fans have taken to calling Brad Stevens, “The President.” Let’s look at the numbers from Stevens’ first three seasons with the Celtics in an attempt to gain some understanding of why he would have earned such a prestigious nickname.


Career Record: 113-133 (.459)

Playoff Appearances: 2

Playoff Record: 2-8 (.200)

Playoff Series Won: 0

OK, so that’s not a great start. Maybe he helped turn the franchise around from the previous coach.

Winning Seasons Under Previous Coach, Doc Rivers: 7

Winning Seasons Under Stevens: 1

Consecutive Seasons Celtics Made Playoffs Before Stevens Arrived: 6

Playoff Appearance in Stevens’ First Season: 0

50-win Seasons Under Previous Coach: 4

50-win Seasons Under Stevens: 0

Division Titles Under Previous Coach: 6

Division Titles Under Stevens: 0

Celtics Win Improvement in Brad Stevens First Season: -16

Hmm… Maybe we need to approach this from a different angle. Think outside the box. Stop looking at what Stevens has accomplished and look at some other presidents to see if there are any similarities.

Presidents With the Same Number of Playoff Series Wins as Brad Stevens: 2

There we go. Barack Obama and the 90’s rock group, The Presidents of the United States of America. Oh, no. Here come more numbers!

National Championship Record
Obama: 2-0
Stevens: 0-2

#1 Finishes
The President of the United States of America: 1
Stevens: 0