Brad Davison Is the Dirtiest Player in College Basketball

Michigan v Wisconsin
Michigan v Wisconsin / John Fisher/GettyImages

The headlines from Sunday's Wisconsin-Michigan game rightfully centered on Juwan Howard punching an opposing assistant coach, but that caused another story to get buried. Wisconsin senior guard Brad Davison once again proved he's an incredibly dirty player who has no business on a college basketball court.

Davison threw a vicious elbow into the midsection of Michigan's Hunter Dickinson. It was a cheap shot. Not unlike Davison repeatedly punching opponents in the groin, tripping them, stepping under them when they shoot and, of course, flopping constantly. See him do all of that below.

And that's not even all of it. You can find plenty more with a simple search.

This isn't the case of a guy being an annoying, scrappy opposing player. Davison is legitimately dangerous on the court. He's an affront to everything that makes college basketball great. His antics objectively make the game worse.

Davison is the case of a kid who never faced any consequences being emboldened in his actions. In 2020 he was suspended one game for punching Iowa's Connor McCaffery in the groin. It was at least the third time he'd done something similar. Don't ask me why Davison loves punching guys in the junk so much, because I have no idea.

I don't know Brad Davison the person, but I do know Brad Davison the player. He's the worst. Anyone who is fine with intentionally injuring opponents to get ahead should be punished severely and shunned.

If Davison isn't held accountable, there's nothing preventing another incident where an opposing player retaliates by punching him. Give his fake tough guy act from Sunday's melee, Davison wouldn't stand much of a chance.

I'm not kidding when I say one more incident from Davison this should lead to his being banned from playing anymore. The Big Ten and the NCAA need to quit rewarding dirty play by looking the other way. Step in and stop this now before it goes too far.