Boomer Esiason Says Craig Carton's Remarks About Mike Francesa Felt Small and Petty

Ryan Glasspiegel

This morning, Boomer & Carton discussed the remarks that Craig Carton made to Neil Best of Newsday on Thursday that Mike Francesa is becoming a caricature of himself and is tarnishing his legacy on his way out. Boomer, while he reiterated that he loves working with Carton, thought these remarks were “problematic,” “petty,” and “small.”

“I read it, and I was queasy,” Boomer said.

Boomer likes having the aspect of the show where they make fun of Francesa’s foibles, but thought his partner went over the line with his negative remarks to the newspaper.

It should be noted that Francesa has not had a sterling last few months. He gets things wrong, loudly, has been caught in moments faking his way through segments he didn’t prepare for, and wades in some waters that could get him in trouble. Earlier this week, I opined, without inside information, that there could be a possibility that Francesa does not make it all the way to his planned December 15th exit date on WFAN.

That being said, I do not believe Francesa is tarnishing his legacy, which as Boomer said is very much intact. Mike and the Mad Dog have had a lot of influence in where sports media is today, and there’s almost nothing Francesa could say in the next few months to erase those memories.