Boomer Esiason Said Daniel Murphy's Wife Should've Had C-Section Before Season To Avoid Paternity Leave

By Jason Lisk

Daniel Murphy went on a paternity leave after his wife gave birth on Opening Day. This led to much consternation and concern, presumably because it was opening day in a season that is 162 games and where everyone takes time off. In fact, only four National League players played in more than 160 games last season, Murphy being one of them.

Mike Francesa reportedly dismissed the paternity leave with a hand wave and a dismissive tone, pointing out that he was back on the mic after his children were born. Boomer Esiason went even further.  Esiason said that he would have made his wife have a C-Section before the season started to make sure he was available. This is where we need to remind Esiason that there is a difference between an induction and a C-Section. C-Sections, for those that don’t know, are significant surgeries and doctors probably aren’t in the business of cutting someone open so a father can play nine innings of baseball.

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