Boomer & Carton Still Ripping Mike Francesa Over Zack Wheeler Blunder


Despite having the two anchor programs on WFAN, the relationship between Mike Francesa and Boomer & Carton is notoriously frosty. I’m not even sure where, when, or how the war started. Nevertheless, the typical pattern is that the morning show will riff on one of Francesa’s foibles, then a caller will ask Francesa to respond to it, and Francesa will plead ignorance and purport to take the high road while also getting non-subtle shots in about respective broadcasting accomplishments.

And so we are now on Day Three of Francesa’s several minute confusion on the timeliness of a Zack Wheeler injury report. Yesterday, he claimed that this limbo lasted 30 seconds, so today Boomer & Carton “fact-checked” and found the stretch to be over three minutes. Perjury!

Even though Boomer & Carton totally GOT Francesa here, I’m still going to side with the Pope, owing my allegiances to him for having been a listener for over two decades. Even – or especially! – when he’s stumbling over an injury report for several minutes like that, he remains wildly entertaining. It will be a profoundly sad day when his content is no longer available.