Booger McFarland Wouldn't Let His Son Play College Football This Year

Booger McFarland on "Get Up"
Booger McFarland on "Get Up" /

ESPN's Booger McFarland went on Get Up Monday morning and stated emphatically that if he had a son he wouldn't let him play college football this year. He made some really good points along the way.

McFarland said it makes no sense that we're being told its safe for kids to go to school and play football but not safe for fans to be in the stands or for kids to be in class. And it's obvious why we're being told that: major universities will lose a tremendous amount of money if games aren't played.

Here's the segment:

His main point is so on the money that I'll re-post it below:

""At some point this has become selfish for everyone else, and we want to make decisions when we're not the ones taking all the risk. The kids are the ones taking all the risk. And unfortunately for the NCAA and for college football and for college athletics, we still call these kids amateur athletes and we've hid behind that for years. Well guess what? That's kind of biting us in the rear end right now.""

He's spot on. The players can't make decisions for themselves here precisely because they're amateurs. If they were treated like professionals they could form a union, negotiate terms, be an equal partner in the decision-making process and decide whether or not to play. Instead, the NCAA and conferences dictate terms to them.

The NCAA has basically backed itself into a corner by insisting these players are just like regular students, which they obviously aren't.