Bold Predictions For Super Bowl LIV

Super Bowl LIV
Super Bowl LIV / Cliff Hawkins/Getty Images

The Super Bowl has finally arrived, and we here at The Big Lead have some bold predictions for it.

The Chiefs Stifle the Niners' Ground Attack

The Chiefs have the 29th-ranked run defense in the NFL by the yards per game metric. But in their last five games, they've only given up more than 100 yards once, and the most they've given up in that timespan is 122 to the Raiders. They kept Derrick Henry to double-digit yards in the AFC title game, something very few teams have managed to do this season. So they keep it up and surprise everyone by holding the Niners to less than 150 yards total rushing. Chris Jones will be a monster and the Chiefs rely on their sideline-to-sideline speed to keep the run game in check. -- Liam McKeone

Jimmy Garoppolo More Than Triples His Statline From the NFCCG

Going hand-in-hand with my prior prediction, the Niners will need to throw the ball a lot more to win the Super Bowl-- unlike against the Packers, where Jimmy Garoppolo threw for 77 yards on 6-of-8 passing. They'll ask him to do more come Sunday, and he'll deliver, hitting at least 20 passes on 30-plus attempts and putting up 250 yards or more with a trio of touchdown passes to boot. It's not bold to say he'll put up better numbers, but this will be a version of Garoppolo we've seen only once this year-- when he tore apart the Saints' defense in a 48-46 victory. -- McKeone

Under Bettors Don't Have to Sweat

The current-over under sits at 55, and the public loves to hammer the more fun side. On first blush, it's terrifying to trust any defense to hold down a Patrick Mahomes-led side. But the Niners will want to slow the game down with their running game and have big-play enthusiasts at pass-rusher. Kansas City has struggled out of the gates early in each playoff game before exploding. Considering this is the Super Bowl and nerves tend to be frayed, it will take awhile for this game to get going. I'm not so sure both teams crack 20. -- Kyle Koster

Over Bettors Don't Have to Sweat

This is going to be the highest-scoring Super Bowl ever. The Chiefs and 49ers are the two highest scoring offenses in the playoffs at 43 and 32 points per game respectively. In the regular season the 49ers were second in scoring (29.9) and the Chiefs were fifth (28.2). These teams can and will put points on the board. Even if it takes them a quarter to get going, they are still going to score all of the points. -- Stephen Douglas

The Chiefs' Role Players Will Be the Difference

The Niners will have two weeks to key into the Chiefs' superstars. Patrick Mahomes. Tyreek Hill. Travis Kelce. But Andy Reid is no fool. He'll break tendencies and find a way to use his lesser-known talents to perfection. Look out for a trick play to Mecole Hardman, deep ball to Sammy Watkins, or, just maybe, something vintage from LeSean McCoy. -- Koster

Andy Reid Will Successfully Manage the Clock in the 4th Quarter

If the Chiefs have a lead in the four quarter and the Chiefs find themselves in fair field position, Andy Reid will successfully employ the Bill Belichick penalty-taking, clock-killing loophole that has so frustrated fans throughout the playoffs. It will absolutely infuriate people, but under these circumstances, Reid's biggest critics will have no choice but to hand it to him. -- Douglas

Patrick Mahomes Will Dominate

This is Patrick Mahomes' moment. The reigning NFL MVP will step onto the field in Miami and live up to the hype. The Chiefs' quarterback has been masterful in the playoffs, completing 65.7 percent of his passes for 615 yards (8.8 yards per attempt), with eight touchdowns and no interceptions. He'll be facing the NFL's best defense and the 49ers are outstanding against the pass. It won't matter, Mahomes is too good. He'll throw for four touchdowns and instantly become the new face of the NFL. -- Phillips