Bol Bol Showed Up To The 2019 NBA Draft Dressed Like A Supervillain


Bol Bol certainly has the best name in the 2019 NBA Draft, but I think it’s fair ti say he doesn’t have the best tailor. Bol showed up at the draft dressed like a supervillain.

Here’s a look:

Check out Twitter’s reaction to his outfit:

Bol is a controversial prospect in this draft. No one quite knows where to place him. He’s 7’2″ and 208 pounds, so skinny as can be. He also only played nine college games at Oregon because of a foot injury. He averaged 21.0 points, 9.6 rebounds and shot 56.1 percent from the field an 52.0 percent from 3-point range.

He’s clearly a high-upside guy, but will he ever reach his potential? There’s fascinating debate to be had over that.