Bobbie Kelsey's Rant on Women's Basketball Players: "Stop Facetiming, Stop Tweeting, and Get Your Butt in the Gym"

Kyle Koster

Wisconsin women’s basketball coach Bobbie Kelsey was frustrated by her team’s performance in a Wednesday loss to Nebraska. Cornhuskers’ Natalie Romeo tied a school record by knocking down 8 three-pointers in the game.

Kelsey used her postgame press conference to deliver a memorable rant and implore women’s basketball players to “get their butts in the gym” repeatedly.

"“We need other people on our team to be great shooters but that comes with practice,” Kelsey commented. “I’m sure she didn’t just wake up one morning and say ‘oh I just want to be a good shooter today.’ You got to get your butt in the gym. If people think they gonna get it on the pillowcase it’s not going to happen. You can’t nap your way to being a great shooter and Facebooking and all these things that teenagers do. You need to put the phones down. Stop facetiming, stop tweeting, and get your butt in the gym. Women’s basketball can you hear me? Get your butt in the gym. You got people throwing the ball over the basket. Nobody wants to watch that. “"

Agreed. Nobody wants to watch that when they can be checking their Facebook likes instead.

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