Bob Wylie Is The Breakout Star Of 'Hard Knocks'

Ryan Phillips

Every season of “Hard Knocks” has a breakout star, someone you had never heard of before the show but can’t imagine living without afterwards. For the Cleveland Browns edition, that star is now clear: offensive line coach Bob Wylie.

Wylie isn’t a star because he looks like John Candy and the Lorax had a baby. He’s not a star because he has clearly thought out which members of the animal kingdom would make the best linemen. Heck, he’s not even a star because every time he says “hut” his stomach jumps a full foot:

Oh, and it’s not because he said this when he dropped his white Maserati with a hotel’s valet:

No, Wylie is a star because of his epic rant about how overrated stretching is (warning, it’s NSFW):

Bob Wylie is a national treasure and I’ll fight anyone who disagrees. But I’ll refuse to stretch beforehand.